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St Cecilia

Starts 10:00 Ends 19:00


St. Cecilia, martyr, was a Roman by birth and was forced to marry Valarian, a pagan. She converted both him and Tiburtius his brother. She has been honoured in Rome since the fifth century when a Basilica was erected and dedicated to her name. She is the Patron Saint of Musicians, Organ Builders, Poets, Sacred Music and Singers.


above. a replica statue of St Cecilia, depicting her body as it was and where it was discovered in the catacombs outside Rome in1599.She had been decapitated, but her head was placed once more with her body for burial. She had died in 177 but her body was discovered to be incorrupt. St. Cecilia is known to be the first saint to be incorrupt.


St Martin I

Starts 12:00 Ends 21:00


Pope St. Martin I was born in Todo, Italy. He was the last pope to die a martyr. St. Martin called the Council at the Lateran Basilica in his first year and condemned Heraclius and Monothelitism, going against a decree by the Byzantine Emperor who commanded there be no discussion of the issue.