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Events for Monday 27th August 2018

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St Monica

Starts 12:00 Ends 21:59


Saint Monica was born to a Christian family in Tagaste, N. Africa, in 332 AD. Saint Monica's marriage to her pagan husband, an official of Tagaste, was not a happy one. Monica, however, did not leave her husband. She persisted in being a faithful, loving wife and was the model of a devout Christian. Her example and prayer over a thirty year period finally paid off, as her husband converted to the faith. Then, by her tears and unceasing prayers, she won the conversion of her lazy, wayward son, later
St Augustine of Hippo,
who is now regarded as one of the greatest Doctors of the Western Church. She died at Ostia in the year 378. St. Monica is the Patron Saint of Married Women and Mothers.

Pope Benedict speaks of St Monica


St Martin I

Starts 12:00 Ends 21:00


Pope St. Martin I was born in Todo, Italy. He was the last pope to die a martyr. St. Martin called the Council at the Lateran Basilica in his first year and condemned Heraclius and Monothelitism, going against a decree by the Byzantine Emperor who commanded there be no discussion of the issue.