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Friday, 12 August 2022
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Holy Saturday is the day before Easter. It is the seventh and last day of Holy Week, and the third and final day of what is often referred to as 'The Easter Triduum '.

Holy Saturday is the Lord's day of rest, for on that day Christ's body lay in His tomb. We recall the Apostle's Creed which says "He descended to the dead." It is a day of suspense between two worlds, that of darkness, sin and death, and that of the Resurrection and the restoration of the Light of the World. For this reason, no church services are held until the Easter Vigil at night.

This day, between Good Friday and Easter Day, makes present to us the end of one world and the complete newness of the era of salvation, inaugurated by the Resurrection of Christ.

Holy Saturday

Easter Vigil  2022 (Holy Saturday Mass)
Holy Saturday             Rathkenny           11am       Morning Prayer                                                  followed by an opportunity for Confession
                                      Rathkenny             8pm       Easter Vigil