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Our Lady of Beauraing in Belgium

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November 1932: it is the period between the two world wars; in several European countries totalitarianism has imposed itself, and the Belgian people, as in other places, are strongly affected by the economic crisis. It is within this context that Mary appeared in Beauraing, Belgium, inviting people to pray and to rediscover God's tenderness.

Our Lady, later to be known as "The Virgin of the Golden Heart," appeared 33 times between November 20th, 1932 and January 3rd, 1933, to five children: Fernande, Gilberte and Albert Voisin, and to Andrée and Gilberte Degeimbre.

The children were together in front of the school that Gilberte attended when Our Lady first appeared to them on the railway bridge across from the school. She continued appearing to them for some time, near the entry to the school's garden, beneath the branches of a hawthorn tree. This would be the site of all of the following apparitions, where Our Lady addressed the children, asking them to be good and to pray.

The "beautiful Lady" -- as the children described her -- was dressed in a long white gown, with a glint of blue. On her head, she wore a long white veil that fell down upon her upon shoulders; beams of light above her head formed a crown-like shape.

Our Lady introduced herself to the children as the "Immaculate Virgin". She requested that a chapel be built and for pilgrimages to be organized to come there. Starting on December 29th, 1932, the children saw that, between her open arms, her heart was lit up, as if it was made of gold. It is from this event that the name "Our Lady of the Golden Heart" comes; she who invited humanity to discover God's tenderness in the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. The Blessed Virgin, who numerous times pleaded that the children pray, told them during her last apparition: "I will convert sinners." Thus, the name with which she is venerated in this apparition expresses the confidence that Our Lady cares for all her children.

On the 30th: "Pray, pray a lot."

On January 1st: "Pray always."

On the 3rd, Mary entrusts a secret to the three youngest children. She promised: "I will convert sinners," and said she was "the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven." She requested: "Do you love my Son? Do you love me? Then sacrifice yourselves for me. Farewell."

On February 2nd, 1943, Bishop André-Marie Charue of Namur authorized public devotion to Our Lady of Beauraing, and six years later, in 1949, the Church recognized the supernatural character of the apparitions.


Our Lady of Beauraing,
Immaculate Virgin,
bring to Jesus, your Son,
all the intentions that we entrust to you today.
Mother of the Golden Heart,
reflection of the Father's tenderness,
look upon the men and women of our time with love
and fill them with the joy of your presence.
You, who promised to convert sinners,
help us discover the infinite mercy of our God.
Awaken within us the grace of conversion
so that our lives may be a reflection of that mercy.
Make every moment of our existence "a yes"
to the question you ask today:
"Do you love my Son? Do you love me?"
Then the kingdom of Jesus will come to the world.