Sunday, 27 September 2020
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 Fr Gerry writes . . .

Public Masses continue to be suspended in the diocese. Though this is a great sacrifice to many, there are ways to participate in daily Mass through RTÉ News Now, Monday to Friday 10.30 am.  LMFM continue to broadcast Sunday mass from 9.10am. Mass is also available from a number of parishes with webcam services.

 There are a number of leaflets in the churches and online providing a template for a service without Mass and Communion. Perhaps this is an opportunity to renew prayer in our homes, using these and other resources like the Rosary and Novenas.

 Sincerest appreciation of efforts being made to keep yourself and others safe. This is a marathon not a sprint. Thanks to all working to provide food and those maintaining our services and keeping us safe.Thanks to all medical and pharmacy personnel on the frontline and we pray for guidance for those making important decisions about our present and future.

 From tonight, Saturday, I plan to spend an hour, 7pm until 8pm, in prayer for your intentions and for our world at this time. I invite you to join me for some or part of that time so that, even though we can’t be physically present we can be present in spirit and prayer. 

Earlier Message from Fr Gerry. . .

A personal note of gratitude to all who are cooperating with the current restrictions.
We continue to be united in prayer, and good will to all.

The three churches are open each day at the regular times for prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and Stations of the Cross. In adoration, people are asked to practice social distancing as requested by the government. 

It’s also an opportunity to avail of a variety of online resources as well as traditional ones like the Rosary, Novenas and prayer in our homes.

We continue to pray for those sick at this time with Covid-19 but also other illnesses that make this more stressful for all.

We thank and pray for all frontline staff and those searching for a cure.

Thanks to all who are working and we pray for guidance for those making important decisions that affect us all.

The bishops ask us to pray part of St Patrick’s Breastplate and
the Memorare at this time.

We continue to pray our parish Daily Lenten Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer
is also appropriate:

God, grant me the Serenity to accept what I cannot change,

Courage to change what I can,

and the Wisdom to know the difference.