Friday, 14 August 2020
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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gerry Boyle PP. 046 9054138

Our return to public Mass continues. We are back four weeks now. Thanks to all who are making it possible for us: sacristans, cleaners and stewards. The wearing of face masks is being recommended and masks are available at the entrance to church.

Masses this week
Rathkenny    Sun               11.30am       for Paddy Murray Canada, Stackallen and Creewood.
                      Mon, Wed        9.00am 
                     Fri                  7.30pm        Mattie O Brien Month Memory 
Rushwee        Sat                  6.30pm        Patrick O Reilly, Laurence, Margaret and Gerard O'Brien and Annie Coyne
                     Thurs               7.30pm 
Grangegeeth  Sun                 10.00am
                     Mon                 7.30pm       Tom Keeley 

Please remain at home if you feel unwell and follow the guidance of the stewards if you attend. Please consider offering your help to the Parochial House as it will be necessary in the time ahead. Please don’t leave it to the usual willing people.

Cemetery devotions
Cemetery devotions will follow a different format this year.
The graves will be blessed during the coming week of 27th until 31st July.
Masses on 1st and 2nd of August and on all the days of the first week of August will be offered for all buried in the parish, if you wish to attend. Indeed you can attend any Mass for that intention.
The restrictions on outdoor gatherings to less than 200 people will apply until mid August.
So, as you gather to remember our beloved dead, please remember social distancing.
The purpose of this arrangement is to avoid a large gathering on one day and spread the gathering out over a number of days for this year.

Paddy Murray, Canada, Stackallen and Creewood
Matt Lennon, Kilberry
Baby Finn Thomas O Connor, Grangegeeth