Thursday, 22 October 2020
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28th Sunday in Ordinary Timeweddingfeast
Gerry Boyle PP. 046 9054138

Due to the resurgence of COVID-19 the government has decided to impose Level 3 restrictions on the whole of the country. There's a number of implications for ourselves. Church services cease publicly and move online. A maximum of 25 people may attend a wedding or funeral and baptisms are postponed.

Thanks to all who worked so hard over the last three months to provide Mass in a safe environment. We hope to return when it is safe to do so. The churches will remain open for private prayer.

In view of the poor internet signal in places,
I propose to offer Mass each day along with the Mass on RTÉ News Now at 10.30am each morning. I will try to cover received Mass intentions as laid out below. I haven’t got to check this out with the families involved, but if you ring me at the above number we can reschedule the intentions, if necessary.

Masses this week

Mon. 10.30   Richard Matthews

Tues. 10.30   Paddy Wall     Month Memory

Wed. 10.30   Timmy Connolly and deceased members of the Connolly family

Thur 10.30    Peter, Brendan and Kitty Crosbie.


Month of October:  Month of the Rosary
This time and these circumstancesmight be a good time to begin again.
The Joyful mysteries direct our minds to Jesus and bring our attention to events around his birth.

1. The Annunciation.                                 Lk 1:   26-38
2. The Visitation.                                        Lk 1:   39-56
3. The Birth of Jesus.                                 Lk 2:     1-14
4. The Presentation in the Temple.        Lk 2:   22-40
5. The Finding of Jesus in the Temple.  Lk 1:   42-52.

The Sorrowful mysteries direct our attention to the suffering and death of Jesus

1. The Agony in the garden.       Lk.      22:  39-44
2. The Scourging at the pillar.   Lk.      23:  13-25
3. The Crowning with thorns.    Matt.   27:  27-31
4. The Carrying of the Cross.    Matt.   27:   32-38
5. The Crucifixion.                      Matt.   27:  33-50

World Mission Sunday ​is celebrated next weekend.
Please use the envelope in your box to support the missionaries all over the world as the pandemic is devastating their countries and meagre resources.
Mass will be broadcast for Mission Sunday at 11am on 18 October on RTÉ.

The theme is ​Together we can do more.