Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Timetalents
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Thanks to the compliance of people, Covid cases seem to be decreasing. Please keep safe and follow the guidelines. Discussion continues about a return to public Mass but, in the meantime, the churches remain open for private prayer. Thanks to our sacristans who make this possible.

I offer Mass along with the Mass on RTÉ News Now at 10.30am each morning.

Masses this week
Monday        Mary and Harry White and daughter Kitty Farrell
Tuesday        Lal and Daisy Monaghan
Wednesday   Mike and Anna Farrell and deceased members of Farrell and Smith families

November is the month when we remember and pray for the dead. We are particularly conscious of families and communities who could not mark the death of loved ones in the usual ways in recent months.
The plenary indulgence available from visiting a cemetery and praying for the deceased, normally available in the first week of November, is extended this year for the whole month of November, and for this year only can be availed of by praying for the dead at home.
A page of special prayers for a visit to the cemetery, or to be said at home, is available from the back of the churches.
Lists of the dead can be returned to the ParochialHouse over the next few weeks.
Mass will continue to be offered for those on the current list on the First Friday of every month.

Autumn leaves are falling, the trees will soon be bare;
a multitude of endings surround me everywhere.
So much that bloomed so brightly now seems a world away,
it’s glory but a memory, supplanted by decay.

Yet hidden in the darkness, beneath the silent earth,
already shoots are forming - a promise of new birth.
And softly you are saying, to those with ears to hear,
though death for now brings sorrow, keep hope and do not fear.
Yes, life may seem extinguished, but days to come will bring
beginnings after endings, in place of winter, spring.                       Nick Fawcett

The Prayer Trust 
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 Please read the note from the Bishop, attached below.

           Note from the Bishop: