Sunday, 24 January 2021
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Feast of The Baptism of the Lordbaptismlord
Gerry Boyle PP.   046 9054138 thoughts are not your thoughts, my ways not your ways.

These words that God spoke through the prophet Isaiah, that we hear in the first reading at Mass today, are always relevant and particularly in our time. And God is close to us, He is near as the prophet reminds us. We are to listen, to pay attention to God who is freely available to us.We listen and hear our mission to the peoples, to those around us and beyond. For this mission we are blessed like Jesus ‘You are my Beloved; my favour rests on you.’ These words were spoken at Jesus’ baptism, but it’s surely not too much of a leap to believe that they were spoken at our baptism too.

No public Masses for the foreseeable future

I will continue to join Fr Timothy for Sunday Mass on YouTube in Lobinstown. I will offer Mass each day along with the Mass on RTÉ News Now, at 10.30am, for booked Masses, when they arise. On other days, Mass will be offered for your intentions. We pray for families with children awaiting baptism, in this time of pandemic, that God will bless them in a special way.

Thanks to all who helped us celebrate Christmas this year. Thanks
to our sacristans, altar societies, choirs, stewards, cleaners and website administrator. Thanks for your cooperation in distributing the numbers at the Masses and your support for the parish funds throughout the year.

The Prophet Jeremiah wrote to the Jewish exiles in Babylon, in the 6th
century BC, ‘Work for the welfare of the city .... intercede with the Lord on its behalf for its prosperity will be your prosperity.’ (Jer 29: 7). These were controversial words at the time, encouraging cooperation with the enemies of the people, but are relevant to our time of restrictions. COVID-19 seems to be more prevalent and contagious in this third wave, so please cooperate with the guidelines, pray for safety and act in a safe way. Pray for all on the front line, those making and implementing important decisions and those administering the vaccines.

Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections

via the Diocesan website HERE

 Please read the note from the Bishop, attached below.

           Note from the Bishop: