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Mary, First Disciple

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The Virgin May, to whom the Church dedicates the month of May, was the focus of Benedict XVI's remarks before praying the Regina Coeli on this sixth Sunday of Easter.

"For the liturgy", the Pope told the faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square, "May always coincides with Easter time, the time of the 'Hallelujah', of the revelation of the mystery of Christ in the light of the Resurrection and of Paschal faith. And it is the time of awaiting the Holy Spirit, Who descended powerfully on the nascent Church at Pentecost".

Mary, the Holy Father went on, "is the most beautiful flower to bloom from creation, the 'rose' that appeared in the fullness of time when God, by sending His Son, gave the world a new spring. At the same time, she was the humble and discreet protagonist of the first steps of the Christian community. Mary was its spiritual heart, because her presence among the disciples was a living reminder of the Lord Jesus and a pledge of the gift of His Spirit".

"When Jesus promised His friends that the Holy Spirit would help them to remember and understand His every word, how can we not think of Mary who, in her heart, that temple of the Spirit, faithfully meditated on and interpreted everything her Son did and said? In this way, before and above all after Easter, the mother of Jesus also became the mother and model of the Church".