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Pope speaks about the prayer of Saint Dominic

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During the general audience in Castel Gandolfo, the pope said St. Dominic always found strength in prayer for his hard work. Coinciding with the feast of this saint, Benedict XVI pointed to the prayer life of this priest who founded in the thirteenth century the Dominican order.

“In Saint Dominic we can see an example of harmonious integration of the divine mystery of contemplation and apostolic activity. According to the testimony of those closest to the saint, 'he always speaks with God and of God.'”

Although Saint Dominic left no writings on prayer, the Pope explained that the Dominicans have collected nine ways of praying that they use today in their order, such as laying on the ground or spreading out one's arms in the form of a cross.

“Saint Dominic recalls the origin of the testimony of faith that every Christian should give to their family, work, social life and in the most relaxed moments, those of prayer. Only the constant relationship with God gives us the strength to live every day intensely.”

Benedict XVI noted that Saint Dominic learned that outward attitude and silence are important for prayer and contemplation.