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Friday, 15 January 2021
Ministers of the Word

altMinisters of the Word

Aisling McCabe;
Lisa Price
Bridin Keogan;
Niamh Keogan; Melissa
Caitriona McMahon Smith


Ministers of the Word 2011

Week commencing on Saturday the : - 
Lisa Price 12-Feb 26-Mar 07-May 18-Jun 30-Jul 10-Sep 22-Oct 03-Dec 14-Jan 25-Feb
Melissa 19-Feb 02-Apr 14-May 25-Jun 06-Aug 17-Sep 29-Oct 10-Dec 21-Jan 03-Mar
Caitriona Mc Mahon Smith 26-Feb 09-Apr 21-May 02-Jul 13-Aug 24-Sep 05-Nov 17-Dec 28-Jan 10-Mar
Aisling McCabe 05-Mar 16-Apr 28-May 09-Jul 20-Aug 01-Oct 12-Nov 24-Dec 04-Feb 17-Mar
Niamh Keogan 12-Mar 23-Apr 04-Jun 16-Jul 27-Aug 08-Oct 19-Nov 31-Dec 11-Feb 24-Mar
Bridín Keogan 19-Mar 30-Apr 11-Jun 23-Jul 03-Sep 15-Oct 26-Nov 07-Jan 18-Feb 31-Mar











Ministers of the Eucharist