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St Paul Miki & Companions

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St. Paul Miki was born in Japan around 1565 and became a Jesuit Priest. He preached the Gospel with great success. In 1597, St. Paul and 25 of his companions, consisting of 2 Jesuits, 6 Franciscans, 15 tertiaries and 2 laymen, were crucified by order of the ruler, Hideyoshi, on February 5th in Nagasaki. In 1862 they were the first martyrs of the Far East to be canonized. Also, a Mexican, Philip of Jesus, who was with the group, was the first martyr of the Americas to be beatified.

"I Forgive . . . "


St Mel

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St Mel died in 488. He is said to have been a Briton who came to Ireland with Patrick, with whom he worked until he was ordained at Ardagh, Co. Longford. He is one of the earliest Irish saints and gave the religious veil to Brigid. The Cathedral in Longford Town is dedicated to St. Mel and his feast day is celebrated on 7th February.

St Mel's Cathedral opens again