Wednesday, 23 June 2021
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The Body of Christ bodyandblood
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Pope Francis tweeted this week ‘During this month of June, dedicated in a special way to the Heart of Christ, we can repeat this simple prayer: “Jesus, make my heart resemble yours”. In this way, our own hearts will slowly but surely become more patient, more generous, more merciful...’ #Pontifex

Masses this weekend and in the coming week:

Saturday       6.30pm Rushwee             Larry, Margaret, Gerard O'Brien,  Annie Coyne
                     7.30pm Rathkenny           Those sitting State Exams
Sunday       10.00am Grangegeeth        Mary, Charlie and Jack Dillon
                   11.30am Rathkenny           Pamela Downey (First Anniversary)

Monday           10am Rathkenny           Bank Holiday
Tuesday        7.30pm Grangegeeth
Wednesday        9am Rathkenny
Thursday      7.30pm Rushwee            
Friday           7.30pm Rathkenny          Feast of the Sacred Heart

Saturday       6.30pm Rushwee             
                     7.30pm Rathkenny         
Sunday       10.00am Grangegeeth        William and Alice O'Reilly
                   11.30am Rathkenny           Christy and Cissie Blake

Sincere thanks to all who are helping with cleaning and stewarding. and to our sacristans.
Please contact me if you can help, and if you are a new volunteer you would
be most welcome.
It is great to get back to Mass, and thanks to all who made it possible,
by sacrifices made over the last months.

A prayer for those doing exams
(St Cronan’s cluster of parishes, Roscrea)

God, love them and sustain them;
renew and support them with your strength;
pour out your
Spirit of wisdom on them;

help them to remain calm
and to attend carefully to the questions
help them to think clearly,
to remember accurately
and to express themselves well.
they reflect the best of the work they have done
and the best of the teaching they have

May your love be upon them, Lord, as they place their trust in you.
May the power of
your love enable them to accomplish what is right and good.


Online Donations
Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections
via the Diocesan website HERE
Thanks to all who have returned envelopes, for parish funds, priest’s offerings and Trócaire, over the past few weeks.