Saturday, 27 November 2021
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World Mission Sundaybartimaeus
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 World Mission Sunday is the Pope's appeal to support overseas missions and missionaries. It takes place in every single parish in the world. The collection supports missionary activities in over 1,100 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As young dioceses grow, they need infrastructure, especially at times of natural disasters and conflict.

Masses this weekend and in the coming week

Sat    6.30pm Rushwee            Apostolic Work Society & Special Intention
         7.30pm Rathkenny         Apostolic Work Society
Sun 10.00am Grangegeeth      Apostolic Work Society,  Jim and Mab Farrell
       11.30am  Rathkenny        Apostolic Work Society,  John and Bridget Kiernan, and sons Paddy and Louis,
                                                                                         daughter Mary, Fr Jack

Mon 10.00am    Rathkenny     Bank Holiday
Tues   7.30pm   Grangegeeth  
Wed       9am     Rathkenny      
Thur 7.30pm     Rushwee       
Fri    7.30pm     Rathkenny      Siobhan McHugh

Sat    6.30pm     Rushwee        List of the Dead
         7.30pm     Rathkenny      List of the Dead
Sun 10.00am     Grangegeeth   List of the Dead
       11.30am      Rathkenny     List of the Dead

Sincere thanks to all who helped with cleaning and stewarding in our churches and thanks to our sacristans.
There are no capacity limits on churches currently.
Please use all the space in the churches to allow for spaces between people from different households.
Masks are still required along with hand sanitation and cough etiquette.

Online Donations
Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections
via the Diocesan website HERE
Thanks to all who have returned envelopes for parish funds, priest’s offerings, Trocaire, cemeteries and other collections over the past weeks.

The World Mission Sunday message is one of hope.  Jesus Christ is risen and we cannot keep his love, compassion and mercy to ourselves. We also speak to and listen to those whose voices are small and on the margins of power. We pray for those engaged in this mission and for courage for ourselves when we have an opportunity to speak.