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Trinity Sunday

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Cemetery Devotions Thanks to all who prepared the cemeteries and attended for these special occasions in Rushwee and Grangegeeth last weekend.  Thanks for your contributions to the collections for the upkeep of the cemeteries. 

Corpus Christi next weekend. We will have a short time of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by Benediction at the end of the Masses.

Vocations Holy Hour in Tullamore parish church on Friday 17th June at 7pm. It can be watched on Tullamore Parish Webcam.

Masses this weekend and in the coming week 

Saturday     6.30pm     Rushwee            
Sunday      10.00am    Grangegeeth      Deceased of Dillon/Keegan Families        
                  11.30am    Rathkenny         Patsy O'Neill (Month Memory)                                                                                                                                                                              
Monday       9.00am    Rathkenny                     
Tuesday       7.30pm    Grangegeeth     Starinagh/Broomfield Residents
Wednesday  9.00am    Rathkenny 
Thursday     7.30pm    Rushwee             
Friday          7.30pm    Rathkenny         

Saturday      6.30pm    Rushwee               
Sunday      10.00am    Grangegeeth      Tony and Rose Morgan, and son Noel          
                  11.30am    Rathkenny          Christy and Cissie Blake 

RIP Mary McBride, Rushwee                                                            

We pray for those doing their state exams at the moment. May the Holy Spirit grant them wisdom courage and good luck. 

Ordination Preparation Meetings have been well attended in Rathkenny Hall. Committees working on catering and a parish collection.
Next Meeting on Tuesday 21st June at 8.15pm

Online Donations
Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections

via the Diocesan website  HERE

Thanks to all who have returned envelopes for parish funds, Christmas and Easter offerings, Trocaire, cemeteries and other collections over the past year. 

Synod 2023
Thanks to all who participated in the Synodal process during Lent 2022. The pathway involves Communion, Participation and Mission.More on the Diocesan Website HERE  or at

A series of consultation meetings was held in all Deaneries of the Diocese during Lent. 

Following the engagement of so many people across the Diocese, the Diocesan Synthesis has been completed and will now be submitted to the National Steering Committee. The Synthesis can be viewed HERE. Hard copies available at church doors.