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Sunday, 29 March 2020
The Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath

The Advent Wreath is a wreath, or circle, of evergreens. The circle is a symbol of eternity, and a reminder that God has no beginning or end. The evergreen is a symbol of eternal life and a reminder that God is immutable or unchangeable.



Fastened to the wreath are five candles standing upright, at equaldistances. Four candles represent the weeks of Advent, three of which are purple, reminding us of the penitential nature of the season. A rose or pink candle is lit for the Third Sunday of Advent. The name is taken from the entrance antiphon or Introit "Rejoice (gaudete) in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice." It is reminding us that the end of Advent is almost here, and we can hardly contain our joy. The fifth candle, white in colour, is lit on Christmas Eve.