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Thursday, 25 July 2024
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The Holy Name of Mary


Thomas a Kempis affirms "that the devils fear the Queen of heaven to such a degree, that upon hearing her great name pronounced, they fly from him who does so, as from a burning fire."

The Blessed Virgin herself revealed to
St. Bridget "that there is not on earth a sinner, however devoid he may be of the love of God, from whom the devil is not obliged immediately to fly, if he invokes her holy name with a determination to repent."

On another occasion she repeated the same thing to the saint, saying, "that all the devils venerate and fear her name to such a degree, that on hearing it they immediately loosen the claws with which they hold the soul captive."

Our Blessed Lady also told St. Bridget, "that in the same way as the rebel angels fly from sinners who invoke the name of Mary, so also do the good angels approach nearer to just souls who pronounce her name with devotion."

Benedict XVI