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Thursday, 22 February 2024
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St Januarius


St. Januarius died for the faith in the persecution of Diocletian, 305 AD, and to this day God works a continual miracle, through the blood which Januarius shed for Him.
The Saint was Bishop of Beneventum and was arrested and condemned with his fellow christians to be given to the wild beasts in the amphitheatre. The beasts, however, did them no harm. Finally the Governor of Campania ordered them to be beheaded.

The relics of St. Januarius rest in the cathedral of Naples, and it is there, starting in 1389, that the liquefaction of his blood occurs. The blood is congealed in two glass vials, but when it is brought near the martyr's head it melts and flows.
St. Januarius is the Patron Saint of Naples.