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Thursday, 22 February 2024
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St Aidan of Ferns


St Aidan, or Maedoc (Mogue), was born around 550, probably in Co. Cavan. Studied under David in Wales, returning to found a monastery in Ferns, where he became bishop in 598, a year after St Augustine - Link- was sent to Canterbury. An inscription on the cathedral wall at Ferns says he died on 31st January, 632. Aidan was renowned for his generosity and kindness as his Lives attests.





Prayer to St Aidan Patron of Ferns


Almighty God, our Creator and Guide,

You chose St Aidan to establish a church at Ferns

and to preach the Good News of Your Son, Jesus Christ.


As we celebrate his feast, we give thanks for his witness and teaching.

Through his intercession, we pray that we remain true to the faith which he brought to Ferns,

that we listen to the Word of God;

following the teaching of our Holy Father;

and remain loyal to the tradition of our faith.

All-powerful Father,

through the intercession of St Aidan,

I ask You to listen to and grant my prayer and request . . .

I ask these prayers through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son,

who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,

One God for ever and ever.