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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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Southwell Family, Rushwee by Christine Southwell from New Zealand
03. March 2024
Such a wonderful surprise to find your Guestbook. My family originate from Slane, and I have found that Thomas Southwell died in Rushwee in 1885. Any information on gravestones and family really appreciated.
Family History Research by Chris from Belfast
01. December 2023
This message supersedes the one I posted in October 2022. I believe my maternal grandfather, Christopher McNally, was born in Harmonstown in 1883, died in Belfast in 1921 and was buried near his birthplace. Any assistance in finding his grave would be greatly appreciated.
Grant family , Rathkenny by Barbara Grant from Dublin
22. September 2022
Can you please pass on my details to Shane Smith who posted in February 2019. We may have common research interests. Thank you for providing this forum. It has proven invaluable to my research.
McNally family, Hammondstown by Chris from Belfast
02. April 2022
I believe my maternal grandfather, Christopher McNally, was born in Hammondstown in 1883, moved to Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh in his late teens and then to Belfast, where he died in November 1921. I believe he was buried south of the border and I think Hammondstown is the most likely place. Can anyone please confirm any of this?
Mary Halligan, Nee Carry of Creewood by Kelley O Beirne from -
26. February 2021
I am researching family tree and I'm looking for the possible burial place of Mary (Mariah)Halligan nee Carry born 1863 approx. parents Catherine Sullivan and Patrick Carry. Mary was living with her uncle Michael Sullivan 1901 census Creewood Rathkenny. She Married James Halligan in 1909 College Hill church and continued living at Creewood . I've reason to believe she died in County Home in Trim but I have no date of death. I Would love to find out her place of burial. Any information about this I would greatly appreciate. Regards Kelley. (Email supplied)
Thank you Rathkenny Parish for the mass readings in Irish and English by Desmond Nolan from Norwalk, Connecticut, America
17. October 2020
Just wanted to acknowledge how much I appreciate Rathkenny Parish providing the mass readings in both Irish and English. I download both when I can, then paste them alongside each other in table with two columns in Microsoft Word. Then I read them until I know the Irish as well as the English. Finally, I listen to the mass in Irish on RTE on a Sunday morning from here in Norwalk, Connecticut, America. I really appreciate the resources you provide that help me with learning Irish so I can listen to services in my preferred language, while living far away. Thanks, Des
Desmond, Tá fáilte romhat. It is good to know that on this Mission Sunday people like yourself are looking in to Rathkenny site from so many parts of the Diaspora. Ar an Domhnach Misin seo, nach iontach an rud é go mbíonn daoine cosúil leatsa ar fud an domhain ag éisteacht go lúcháireach, agus ag fáil an dea-scéal ar Íosa Críost, trí Ghaeilge agus gach teanga eile. Brendan Cleary, Website Administrator
James by shane smith from Drogheda
08. February 2019
I'm researching the Grant family from the Rathkenny townland, namely James, his wife Anne and their five children: Marcella, Rose, Teresa and Elizabeth. James appears on both the 1901 and 1911 censuses. Any help at all regarding gravestones, careers etc. would be appreciated.
History Flood by Patrick FLood from Ireland
07. September 2017
Hi I am trying to trace the history of the Flood family who lived at Grangegeeth and also the Flood family who lived at College Hill If anyone would be able to send me any information it would be of great help to me My email address is From Patrick
Goodan family by Linda Welch from New Hampshire, USA
10. March 2017
I am doing a book for my Gdau. Looking for the family of Jonathan & Mary (Mullan) Goodan who went to church at Rathkenny from 1818-1829, perhaps before that. Their son Pat born there 10 March 1791. Thanks so much. Where was Jonathan from? LINDA.
Grant Family, Rathkenny by Margaret White from Rathkenny
29. January 2017
I refer to 2 queries from a Barbara Grant of Dublin on 27th July, 2012 and 23rd October, 2016. I believe I may be able to assist Ms. Grant in her research so perhaps you could let me have her contact details. Alternatively, perhaps you would pass on my contact details to her.
Margaret, Thanks for making contact. Your contact details now passed to Barbara Grant.
Grant Family by barbara Grant from Dublin
23. October 2016
Further to my posting in 2012 regarding the Grant family of Rathkenny, I believe my Peter grant was a brother of Thomas Grant and John Grant and uncle of Michael Grant and James Grant. Michael, his son, married Teresa English, daughter of the Bridewatch keeper in Kells. When she died in 1876 in Dublin, he married Brigid Downey, daughter of Christopher Downey of Rathkenny and neighbour of John AND Thomas Grant.Michael and Brigid went on to distinguish themselves in the Prison Service of the time and he, through his first marriage, was related to Ada English, T.D. and W.R.E.Murphy, founder of the Irish Army, Dublin police force and National Stadium. Google them. I am researching for an assignment for my ucd Genealogy certificate so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Curran Family Connections by Mike Curran from Jefferson, South Dakota
27. January 2016
My great grandfather Matthew Curran was born in County Meath, Ireland in 1825 his parents were Lawrence Curran and Jane (Martin) Curran had a brother Edmond. During the potato famine he left Ireland, went to Scotland & Wales and was employed as a glass blower. Returned to County Meath, still very bad conditions. Migrated to Canada, then to America, joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War, after Civil War homesteaded land in Union County , South Dakota, then went back to Canada where he was united in marriage to Mary Curtis daughter of Peter Curtis I think from County Meath, Ireland. Matthew and his bride returned to the Homestead in South Dakota. Matthew & Mary raised 6 children on the Farm, made a good living & purchased more land. Matthew spend the rest of his life on the land and passed away in 1902 .Matthew is buried in Saint Peters Catholic Cemetery in Jefferson, South Dakota USA . He is honored every year on Memorial Day as a Civil War Veteran USA. I have visited County Meath Ireland but haven't had much luck finding information, any help would be appreciated. Mike Curran
Looking for Hughes & Traynor families by Bill Hughes from Denver, Colorado
25. January 2016
My name is Bill Hughes and I live in the State of Colorado, in the United States, but my family's roots go back to County Meath, Rathkenny Parish and Kellystown Townland. My GGGgrandfather and family left Rathkenny Parish between 1827 and 1830. They moved to Potsdam, New York on the St Lawrence River. This isolated area of upstate New York attracted many County Meath emigrants. They homesteaded their farms, built their churches, married other Irish emigrants, and named their roads after their homeland. My GGGGrand father's name was Matthew Hughes and his wife was Bridget (Traynor) Hughes. Their cChildren's were Michael, James, John, Thomas and Margaret Hughes and were all baptized in Rathkenny Parish between 1797 and 1815. We just found Matthew Hughes' 1850 Will and he never lost his love for his home. When he died in 1853 he left $600 to the poor in the area. I hope there are still Hughes and Traynor relatives in the area and if the $600 ever reached the area. Six hundred dollars was a substantial sum in 1850. This was just after the famine and my GGGGrandfather, Matthew, had such affection for his home he wanted to help all he could. I am looking for any Hughes' or Traynor's families in the area who may want to explore our past. Please contact me if you have any ideas or suggestions for how I should proceed. Sincerely yours. Bill Hughes
Enquiry by Sinead Ledgewood from Belfast
02. August 2013
Hello, I'm happy to have found the website. I'm just enquiring about my great great grandfather's family. His name was James Ledwidge. I haven't been able to trace where he was born or who his family members were but know that he worked for the Great Northern Railway. I have no d.o.b. but have worked out it was around the 1830s. I hope someone knows the name. Do let me know, if possible. Thank you x (email address supplied to administrator)
Nice to hear from you, Sinead, and good to know that we have some people looking in from Belfast. I have fond memories of the city. Brendan
Retired Schoolteacher by Ronald Scott Hand from 1621 Washington St Lafayette, IN USA 47905
24. March 2013
My first visit was a pleasure. My ancestry goes back to County Meath, and my great great grandfather was baptized in Rathkenny, Meath, April 4, 1841. His father was Patrick Hand, and mother was Bridget Butterly. I hope to learn who Patrick's parents were, and Bridget's. May God bless you all in Rathkenny.
Welcome Home, Ronald!
Grant Family by Barbara Grant from dublin
27. July 2012
Hi Rathkenny, I am trying to trace The Grant family in the Rathkenny area. My grandfather was Michael Grant, born in Navan and Married Teresa English in Kells in 1869. He went on to become the deputy governor of Galway Prison in the 1880's. Teresa's brother Cornelius had a shop in Carrick Street in Kells at the end of the 19th century. Michael's parents were PETER AND MARGARET GRANT. Peter is described as a servant in various certs but could have been a land agent. I know there were several Grants in the area at the time i.e. the mid 1800's. If anyone has any info relating to the above, or to Grants in general, please contact me. I'd also love to know where to go to look for the graves of Peter and Margaret. Thanks for providing the site and for giving me an insight into where my family were from.
E-mail address supplied to editor
mr by Patrick Drew from Tallaght Co Dublin
21. May 2012
Hi, looking for info on Patrick Drew, married to Margaret Powderly in 1790. I know of two of their children, Patrick 1795 and James 1810. Thanks, P.Drew
Mullen-McGinnis by Frank Shaw from Sarasota, Florida
21. April 2012
I am looking for information on Peter Maginnis and Anne Mullen. They were married in Beauparc and yellow Furze on Sept. 19, 1841. Peter may have been born in Grangegeeth in 1815 and Anne Mullen in 1822. They later moved to Saddle River, NJ sometime in the 1840's. Any help is appreciated. Frank
Christopher's Origins by Bernard R. 0'BRIEN from -
31. December 2011
While I must thank the web team that told me to look elsewhere, I have Christopher Graham's death card which shows clearly he was born in Rathkenny, Co Antrim, Ire in 1815. Until I know that all sources, churches, cemeteries-- protestant and Catholic-- were thoroughly checked, I will not rule that "area" out. Thanks, but it was a shock not knowing what your dismissal was based upon---- don't you see. Best to all thereabouts and to the team.
Cregans... by M. W. Poirier from Canada
27. December 2011
I hope that this is not an inappropriate posting, but are there any Cregans in your area today. My great-great-grandfather James Cregan (son of Thomas) married to Mary Murphy (reported to be the sister of "the giant Patrick Murphy" of Killowen) migrated from your area in 1826 or so to a small village west of Montreal, Quebec, called Rigaud, and I was wondering if there are still Cregans left in the vicinity of Rushwee. I'd appreciate making contact with someone by that name, or related to someone of that name, if there is anyone left. In advance, thank you.
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