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Fourth Sunday of Adventadventwreath4
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The Advent Wreath 
helps us mark the passing Sundays before Christmas and the Jesse Tree helps us mark significant people and stages in the history of Israel and Jesus.
Pope Francis says: The presence of the poor and the lowly in the nativity scene reminds us that God became man for the sake of those who feel most in need of his love and who ask him to draw near to them. Jesus was born in poverty and led a simple life in order to teach us to recognize what is essential and to act accordingly. . . .From the manger, Jesus proclaims, in a meek yet powerful way, the need for sharing with the poor as the path to a more human and fraternal world in which no one is excluded or marginalized.   The meaning and importance of the Nativity scene
Thanks  With that in mind, thanks to all who contributed to the St Vincent de Paul Collection last weekend, and for all your charitable donations at this time.
Confession available after evening Masses this week, and from 6.30 - 7.30pm on Wednesday in Rathkenny. 
 All day Confession on Tuesday 20th December in St Mary's, Navan 8.30am - 9.00pm

Masses this weekend and in the coming week:

Saturday      6.30pm    Rushwee            
Sunday      10.00am    Grangegeeth        Maeve Kealy,  Madge White
                                                                Pat and Kitty Reid and Matt Halligan

                  11.30am    Rathkenny           Patsy and Molly Halligan
Monday       9.00am     Rathkenny
Tuesday       7.30pm     Grangegeeth      Special Intention
Wednesday  9.00am     Rathkenny          
Thursday     7.30pm     Rushwee                                                
Friday          9.00am     Rathkenny         

Saturday       5.00pm    Rathkenny          Christmas Eve
                     6.30pm    Rushwee            

Sunday       10.00am    Grangegeeth       Christmas Day
                   11.30am    Rathkenny   

Online Donations
Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections

via the Diocesan website  HERE

Thanks to all who have returned envelopes for parish funds, Christmas and Easter offerings, Trocaire, cemeteries, and other collections over the past year.

Synod 2023/24
Thanks to all who participated in the Synodal process during Lent 2022.

More on the Diocesan Website HERE  or at

The National synthesis is available at the above sites as well.

 'Do not be afraid', the Angel said to Joseph in his dream and it is said many times in the Scriptures. We are assured that God is greater than our fears and, in spite of them all, God is with us, which we celebrate in a special way at Christmas.