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Sunday, 26 May 2024
St Martin de Porres
St Martin de Porres

Martin was born in Lima, Peru, in 1579. His father was a knight from Spain. His mother was a freed slave from Panama. His father at first abandoned Martin and his mother and sister. Consequently, they were very, very poor.

Martin grew up good and devout. He was sent to learn the trade of a barber. He also learned how to cure many diseases according to the practices of those days. Martin's father finally decided to take care of his son's education. However, Martin wanted to give himself to God as a Dominican brother. Brother Martin soon proved to be a wonderful religious. No one was kinder or more obedient or holy. Before long, he began to work miracles, too. He cured so many sick people that everyone in the city of Lima would send for Brother Martin when there was sickness. He would go to them all, blacks and whites alike. He loved all people as his brothers and sisters in Christ. Great sums of money were given to this good, lovable Brother for his charities. People recognized how well he could organize works of charity.

Despite his fame in Lima, St. Martin always had a very humble opinion of himself. His name for himself was, in fact, "Brother Broom." Martin died on November 3, 1639. When he died, this beloved saint was carried to his tomb by bishops and noblemen. They wanted to honour the humble and holy brother. He was proclaimed a saint by Pope John XXIII in 1962.

The love of Martin extended to everyone around him, without exception, and embraced all of creation. Help me, Lord, to see the face of Jesus in all my brothers and sisters, so that my life may be transformed. Feast Day November 3rd.