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best website ever by shane fox from australia
01. June 2010
This is to me the best website in ireland, no actually in ireland and australia!!!!!!!! shane fox
Regina Coeli by Imelda Tobin from Moynalvy
19. April 2010
Lovely to see the reminder that the "Regina Coeli" is recited instead of The Angelus in Paschal Time. I have a query about the duration of its recitation. I always thought it was recited until Trinity Sunday!
White Family and Dillon Family by Robert J. Babcock from Cape Cod, Massachusett, USA
08. April 2010
I am related to the White Family (Ina, Margaret, Paddy and John). Also my Mother was a Dillon from the Glen in Lobinstown. I visit every year. I rent a cottage in Fordstown. Would love to hear from anyone.
Mullen by Stephanie from Olathe, KS, USA
13. March 2010
Hello! I am searching for any information of Mullen relatives. Specifically, my ggg grandfather was John Mullen and I believe that he was born 1809 in Castletown/Kilpatrick. His father may have been Patrick Mullen b1788 in Rathkenny. John's baptismal record shows Patrick Mullen and Anne Weldon as parents. The IFHF also shows a birth of Anne Weldon in Rathkenny. Hoping for some news before I make the trip to Ireland in October:-)
Lambe/Flood Family by Lauraine Lambe Harper from Florida USA
03. February 2010
I am trying to locate any family members in the area. My great grandfather Peter Lambe was born in Castletown/Kilpatrick to Patrick Lambe and Mary Bridget Flood/Lambe in 1869. They moved to Rathkenny and had children named Henry, John, Catherine, Mary, James and Bridget. I will be searching for any information when I come to Ireland with my sister in March, 2010. I would appreciate any information. Thank you so much.
The Mortimers of Creewood. by Pól Ó Duibhir from Dublin
20. October 2009
I am chasing up my family history and have got back as far as Thomas Mortimer in Creewood. He would have been my great-great-grandfather. I think he had died by 1861 when his son Joseph married Mary Anne Conneely, from Conemara, in Dublin's Pro-Cathedral. I guess his parish would have been Grangegeeth. I don't know whether he was Protestant or Catholic but his son married in the RC church (albeit with a dispensation from the Archbishop). I don't know if the dispensation related to his religion or to Mary Anne being less than full age (17). I would be very interested to hear from anyone with knowledge of the Mortimers (I have seen the Griffiths Valuation material). My family history site is at and my cameo of Joseph Mortimer is at Thank you for letting me use this space for this request. I can be contacted at poduibhir[@]yahoo[.]co[.]uk (remove the square brackets when emailing).
Connolly/Halligan/Reid by Lynne Cullen from Portrane, Dublin
01. October 2009
I am related to all of the above. I spent a lot of my childhood summers in Coghalstown with the Connollys. My mother was Stephanie Connolly, married to Jimmy Smith from Dublin, unfortunately both now deceased. Hi to everybody in Coghalstown, Frank (my Godfather), Timmy, Maureen my cousin Raymond and all my Reid cousins in Creewood, my aunt Molly Elridge and Halligans especially Paul (my mam's cousin)
Our Lady of Ransom/ Padre Pio Date by Imelda Tobin from Movnalvy
25. September 2009
I never knew today (24th) was the Feast of St Pius Of Pietrelcina. The 24th September is (according to the Old Rite) the Feast of Our Lady of Ransom, or our Lady of Mercy. September 24th is the patronal feast day of The Mercy Sisters, as well as other religious communities dedicated to God's service, under the patronage of Our Lady of Mercy. The nuns of the Order began in Seville in 1568 with Blessed Anne of the Cross as their first superioress!
Sandra McIntyre by Grainne Mason from Wicklow
16. September 2009
Sandra, Got your message. I have sent you an e-mail and will await hearing from you. Thanks for making contact.
Re: Evelyn Dunne by Sandra Mc Intyre from Kildare
14. September 2009
I am the niece of Evelyn Dunne. If you want to contact her let me know. Genuine. I believe you spoke to my brother.
Dunne Family (from Malahide) by Grainne Mason from Wicklow
13. August 2009
I am looking for anyone who would have known Evelyn Dunne. She originally came from Malahide in Dublin and moved to Co. Meath sometime between 1951-1966. Her parents are Peter and Mary. My mother was very well acquainted with Evelyn in the 1960's but lost contact with her. If anyone has any information regarding her we would love to hear from you.
Wow! by David Reilly from Rathkenny
10. August 2009
Stumbled across this while in Australia, whilst feeling a moment of rare homesickness! Excellent.. keep it up.
David . . . in Australia again so soon! Thank you for responding. Be assured we care for all at home through our prayer, and at Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. We include you now especially as you journey far from home. Fr Stanley.
Pew / Dunne / Hardford families by Mark Martinson from Oregon City OR
08. June 2009
My ancestor, Patrick Pew was born 5 Aug 1790 in Knowth, Rathkenny parish, County Meath, Ireland, the son of Francis Pew and Mary Dunne. Patrick married Mary Hardford about 1814 in Ireland, presumably Rathkenny. There are five known children born to this couple in Rathkenny: Francis born in 1814, Mary born in 1819, John born in 1821, Michael born in 1823 and Bridget born in 1825; another daughter Margaret was born around 1820 but I have been unable to find any documentation. In about 1826/28 Patrick Pew and family immigrated to the Madrid / Waddington area in Saint Lawrence Co., New York where seven more children born, Patrick born in 1828, Catherine born in 1832, Anna and James (twins) born in 1833, Thomas born in 1834, George born in 1835 and William born in 1839. Mary Hardford Pew died on 10 Jan 1853 in Madrid, New York; shortly thereafter Patrick and most of his children moved to Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wisconsin, where he passed away on 17 May 1865. There is a listing in the land records for 1836 which lists a Frank Pew living in the Castle Division, Dowth (Rathkenny area). I would like to find out if this is the same Frank / Francis Pew married to Mary Dunne or if Patrick had any other siblings that did not make the trip over and remained in Ireland. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Note: On the Irish Family History Foundation website I recently found that Patrick Pew did indeed have a sibling, a brother James born on 12 Jul 1788 in Dowth, Rathkenny parish, County Meath.
Email address supplied, should anyone with information wish to correspond. Contact Web Team for the address.
Pugh family by Deb Meade from Burnsville, Mn
06. June 2009
My great-grandpa, John Pugh, was born in Ireland in 1842 and was Catholic. Searching for other Pughs who followed the migratory same path, there was a Patrick Pugh and wife Jane. They came over in 1864. They have two sons - Francis and Patrick - I was able to find church records on son Patrick, and found he was from County Meath. John's death certificate show his father's name as Patrick and family records show his mother's name as Ellen Dineen. I checked the online records for Meath County, and found a John Pugh, 1842, born to Patrick Pugh and Catherine Dinnany. Also found John Piew married to Catherine Dinnan in 1839. Both are from Parish District of Beauparc. I also found Patrick, born to Francis Pugh, 1811, in Rathkenny. So I am looking at those two parishes. I suspect Jane is his second wife. I am looking for birth records for James, Francis, Patrick and Kate Pugh, death records for Ellen Dinnan Pugh and possibly marriage records for John and Jane Pugh. Do you have anything in your records for Pughs or Piews?
Shirley by Shirley Crosbie from Ladyrath, Wilkinstown,
07. April 2009
We have just been set up with our very first P.C. & internet access here at home tonight. Myself and Evan are so proud to see our Parish website up on screen and Evan is very proud to see himself and his school on the Rathkenny Parish website Best wishes from Shirley & Evan Crosbie
Congratulations Shirley, Tom and Evan on the new setup. Thank you for your message and welcome to the parish website. Many happy returns to it! From the web team.
Need help with family history by Gerald from San Diego, California
11. January 2009
Hello Rathkenny Cousins, Am looking for any info on my Irish ancestors from parishes of Rathkenny and Slane. Have tried the Meath Heritage Ctr, but they could not find any records, so I'm at a dead end. John Norris of Cruicetown, Stackallan, born 1794, married Anne Gaughran in 1834 after her first husband died. I don't know if John had a previous marriage or not. They came to the US with their four children around 1854. Anne's mother was Margaret Weldon which seems to be an uncommon last name. I am wondering if her parents are perhaps the Nicholas Weldon and his wife Anne who are buried in the cemetery at Grangegeeth. The inscription reads, "Erected by Anne Weldon of Grangegeeth in memory of her beloved husband, Nicholas Weldon, who died September 12th 1835 aged 78 years." This would put his birth around 1757 which would be consistent with Margaret's birth around 1780 and Anne's birth in 1804. There is also a mention of a Margaret Weldon and sisters on another tombstone in the same graveyard. Any way to confirm if they are Margaret's parents? Any idea of Anne's maiden name. I believe John Norris' father's name may have been Patrick, per the Flax Growers' list. Any idea of his mother's name? Thanks for any help you can give me.
The name John Norris does not appear on our parish registers. The family names of Gaughran and Weldon are strong family names in the Grangegeeth and Lobinstown areas. With your permission, we can pass on your email address to interested parties that contact us. Best Wishes, Web Team
Hello to Rathkenny Parish! by Cathy Gaughran Hatcher from Rancho Cordova, California, US
31. December 2008
Thank you for maintaining such an informative site--I came upon it while researching my family history. My great-great grandfather, Owen Gaughran, was baptized in Rathkenny Parish on 20 September 1810 [he died in 1865 in neighboring Nobber Parish--I do not know where he was buried]. His two sons moved to NYC, and we have done our Rathkenny roots proud here in the US. Wishing you well in the new year, Cathy Gaughran Hatcher
Dear Cathy, Thank you for your friendly greetings from California. Owen lived in the townland of Grangegeeth and Mary, his sister, baptised 5 years later, also lived there. We wish you and yours continued blessings, and good health in the coming years. Fr Stanley.
14. December 2008
Mari, Delighted to hear from you again. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas Season, as we have done here. May you have a blessed, happy and prosperous 2009. Parish Team.
memories of Rathkenny by William Somerville from Washington DC
13. December 2008
I'm originally from Wilkinstown and have lived here for 20 years. I just received a Christmas card from my aunt Evelyn Corrigan and she included an information card about your web site.Great site. Merry Christmas to all our friends in Rathkenny
Delighted to hear from you, William. To Evelyn's card we add our best wishes to you for 2009 and many years to come. From the web team in Rathkenny.
haven by mick tierney from allenwood,co kildare
01. December 2008
whenever I am feeling low, I always turn to rathkenny parish web page and in no time I am feeling great's my peace haven. God bless, always stay close. kind regards Mick.
Thank you, Mick, for your lovely message, and may the site continue to uplift you in mind and heart well into the future! Keep in touch. We are happy that the Lord is doing good things for all of us through the website.
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